The Archive Tour

More than 40 new Art House members gathered for the first official event.


It was a special night as we received a guided tour of one of the musuem’s most secretive spaces.   The archive room is not open to the public and access has been very limited…until now.
We were able to see some of the most treasured and longest held works of art belonging to the Knoxville Museum of Art.  We also learned more about how works of art are received, how they are catalogued and preserved when not on exhibit.
In the literal and figurative underworld of the museum, Assistant Curator, Clark Gillespie gave a briefing on the process of handling art – what it means to be a piece of the museum’s permanent collection and how the museum often acts as a custodian for artwork that doesn’t technically belong to the museum.
Because the space is small, we divided into two groups.  While the first group descended into the basement to look at the archives, the museum’s curator, Stephen Wicks gave Art House members in the second group a guided tour of the Knoxville 7.

A tremendous time was had by all, as we enjoyed first and foremost the art, followed by good company, as well as wine and food!  {Two other things our group treasures!}