2017 Kick-Off Party

We are thrilled to start of the second year of Art House!  And what better way to welcome the new year, than with a cocktail party at the museum?


Art House has held nearly a dozen unique art events in 2016, making our first year pretty awesome for our members.  We took a top-secret tour of the museum’s underground and explored its archives; we repurposed surfaces with Artist Heather Wolfe Smith, then made pottery and ate pizza (in that order).  Summer only got hotter when we marveled at the talent of LA-based artist, Tyler Ramsey as he created art with paint on canvas, using a dance troupe as brushes.  Ramsey snipped and cropped the 15 X 15 canvas so Art House members could take a portion of the masterpiece home with them!  We learned how to buy art from the museum’s executive director, and set our gaze upon his own personal collection. (WOW!)  We spiced things up in October and sipped Scarlett Letters whilst taking in the art of the Romantic Period.  And ended the year in a secret location (above Market Square) ushering in the holidays with the sounds of the UT Singers.

At this year’s launch party, we’re going to explore Higher Ground, one of the museum’s permanent exhibits on the third floor.  Higher Ground has two new works of art by Beauford Delaney, and the museum’s executive director, David Butler and senior curator, Stephen Wicks will be on hand to give mini-tours.  An absolute treat!!!

We are hoping to have 100% membership renewal, as well as opening our membership to new people who want to learn and grow through art.  (If you haven’t renewed yet, click here.  It’s $110 for individuals and $130 for families.)  A few events will be returning to the Art House calendar in 2017, like the How to Buy Art Series in April.  But first up is a sweet event called Donuts + Dine in which we’ll study the work of Jim Dine, eat donuts, and make some pretty sweet Valentines.

If you are interested in joining Art House and want to come to our kick-off party, get on the guest list by contacting Maggie Meyers!  Her email address is mmeyers@knoxart.org.

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