Recap: Light Write

Art House, in conjunction with Knoxville Graphic House, held an incredible night at the KMA, where art was both on display and created with light.

As event goers arrived, they were escorted into the Virtual Views exhibit. Drawn from the extensive Chicago-based collection of Carl and Marilynn Thoma, Virtual Views explores the growing importance of electronic new media in contemporary art as seen in the work of artists who are pioneers in the use of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), LCD (liquid crystal display), and computer-driven imagery.

Inspired by the exhibit, Art House members and their guests got creative!  Here are some of the most incredible images made during the night with long exposure photography, light sabers, movement, and creativity.

To see the full gallery, click through the images below:

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Music, drinks, and food from Retro Taco made for a fun Thursday night!  Thank you to everyone who made Light Write so awesome!

Art House is closing it’s 2017 membership, so if you haven’t joined yet NOW is the time!  Click here to join.   From here on out, our events will be closed to members only.