Art Collecting Recap

Nearly 40 Art House members gathered at the stunning West Knoxville home of Todd Richesin and Bobby Brown to partake in a special evening that combined delicious food, fabulous French wine, Italian art, and fantastic conversation.

The owners of Bobby Todd Antiques in Sweetwater, as well as UPSTAIRS and Todd Richesin Interiors in Knoxville, opened their home, also known to friends as Casa Real, to share their tremendous collection of art.  While Bobby and Todd purposefully collect art on their travels abroad, the pair inspired Art House members to look locally too.

“What you’ll find with our collection,” said Todd during one of the tours, “Bobby and I are attracted to light and that’s what you’ll see is a common denominator in most of the oil paintings.”  With subjects ranging from pastoral Italian scenes to 18th century religious art, the vast collection was not limited to paintings.  “We have collected sculptures and furniture that speak to us as well,” continued Todd.  One incredible example was a secret painting on the edges of a book.  (See photo above.)

Art House members were free to ask questions and learn more about starting collections of their own, or moving art from room to room in their own homes.  Bobby and Todd agreed that one of the mistakes people make is limiting a piece to a particular room or place above a mantel or sofa.  “We move art around constantly, especially when there is a new piece that we bring in from auction, or wherever,” said Bobby.

No tour of Casa Real would be complete without a stop in the couple’s closet, featuring the preppiest plaid wall to wall carpeting!  What a fun, fantastic night – a complete feast for the eyes!  Huge thanks to our gracious hosts, Bobby and Todd!




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