The Art of Healing: August 14

Art can inspire.

Art can make you wonder.

Art can make you feel.

And coming up in August, we will see how art can heal…

Inside the walls of East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, while families focus on the health of their children and doctors face seemingly insurmountable odds to heal their patients, special attention has been paid to the surroundings. In 2016, the hospital began a campaign to build an collection of unique art in efforts to calm, renew and restore patients, parents and staff alike.

The hospital is granting special access to Art House members to experience the collection of therapeutic art on Wednesday, August 14 at 5:30pm. The evening will begin with a guided tour of the building’s many installations and works, including many by familiar local artists like Richard Jolley, Marga Hayes McBride, Carl Gombert, Andrew Saftel, and Christine Patterson.

With materials ranging from crayons and zippers to floating castles and other magical pieces, each work is built with a specific purpose and passion—be prepared to be inspired.

Following this enlightening tour join several local artists featured in the collection at Fieldhouse Social for drinks and conversation. Reply to